Star bundle includes:

1.   18" star

2.   10" star

3.   6" star



 Stars are made from a variety of woods.  I try and use as much reclaimed wood as possible mixed with trim, molding and other decorative trim pieces.  Each star is unique, one of a kind.   


Stars are stained and distressed made to look worn and rustic.  

6" stars are stained red white and blue in random patterns.  NO stars on these sizes.


10", 18" stars have the stars.   


There will be NO CUSTOM ORDERS FOR RECLAIMED WOOD stars.  I cannot make them to a specific need or want, based on wood available.  Each piece of reclaimed wood takes on wood stains differently making it hard to make something specific.   This is why these are UNIQUE and a piece of art. 


These are MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow 3-4 for delivery. Delivery times my vary depending on demand.





Rustic reclaimed wood star set of 3 bundle